FRENETIC range : Pre-baiting boilies

The Frenetic range of boilies has been specifically developed to produce quality baits for use in pre-baiting campaign’s.

Due to the high volume of baits often used when pre-baiting, these boilies give the angler an extremely effective bait that is also cost efficient.

The Frenetic range has been developed to complement all our Carp Only bolies and attractors. The flavours are consistent between the different ranges and therefore maximize the effectiveness and success for all our Carp Only baits.   

Recommended Pre-baiting mix:

Both our boilie ranges and all our attractors are designed to perfectly complement each other, so it’s easy to create your own ‘winning bait combination’.

Boilies are often used in high volumes when pre-baiting and these Frenetic boilies give the angler an extremely attractive baiting option, that is also cost efficient.

This results in efficient and economical pre-baiting that is proven on a variety of venues (including large rivers and lakes) and under the different conditions and situations encountered by modern carp anglers.

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