Carp Only POWDER DIPS:    Provided in convenient 100 grm jars these powerful additives contain complex ingredients that enhance the taste and smell of your baits. These quality ingredients include sweat and sour attractors that are blended perfectly and significantly boost the baits effectiveness by stimulating the carp’s feeding response.    

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liquid dips

Carp Only DIPS can be an effective way of enhancing your hookbait and put a few more carps on the bank. Our Carp Only boilie dips combine carp attracting oils with a range of flavours at the best possible ratio to attract carp without making the bait so strongly tainted that it discourages them. The liquid is ideal for increasing the attraction properties for short session use or to further boost your hook baits.

Those products are all  PVA friendly so ideal to realize PVA sticks and other great weapons. This is a must as compared to most of other dips existing in carp fishing products. Available in 150 ml  jar and in all flavours same as our boilies range.

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