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Carp Only baits are born from a mixture of passion, technical bait know-how and many years of carp fishing experience.This pedigree ensures that the Carp Only team has produced a top quality range of baits specifically for you the serious specimen carp angler.

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Carp Only Pop Up Boilies:

An extensive range of top quality Pop up boilies that includes a variety of flavours and colours in both round and dumbell shapes.

Pop up boilies are an essential hookbait option that allows a variety of different bait presentations, including critically balanced rigs and when baits require suspending above the lake / river bed.

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Complete range

We produce an extremely effective range of flavour options throughout our boilie ranges including: Carp Only, Carp Only Frenetic, and Carp Only Pop-up, as well as in our ranges of liquid attractants, sprays and dips.This concept enables the carp angler to maximise the baits attractiveness and success...

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FRENETIC Boilie Range:

An exciting new family of boilies that completes the Carp Only bait range. These boilies have been specifically developed for maximum efficiency and attraction during long-term pre baiting sessions

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* Fresh Fruit One *

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La pêche en Hiver par Christophe Cornolo Team Carp Only France dernier Chapitre

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